[Dinner] Il Fornello

Il Fornello, Richmond Hill.

Il Fornello
8851 Yonge St.

If I had to pick a favourite food, it’d probably be some type of pasta dish.

I had the chance to satisfy my craving for good Italian cuisine when I visited this uptown restaurant with friends. Not to be confused with Il Fornaro midtown, this restaurant is a hidden hotspot for pasta lovers, including myself!


The sunlight is lovely on my way in. There’s a patio area I’d love to explore when it gets warmer. For now, it’s still slightly chilly and we decide to make our way into the restaurant.

Views from our seat, the raised platform.

The interior is nice and cozy. There’s a bar to the left as you enter, and a seating area in the middle. Around both sides of the restaurant are raised areas for more diners. We were sat in the raised area on the left side.

We get the menus right away. Love the look of this one.

The menu is pasta dishes-galore. Cream-butter sauces, rose sauces, tomato sauces, pomodoro, braised beef sauce… I’m having trouble deciding, so we try to decide a few different sauces.

Pre-meal bread basket with butter, balsamic and olive oil.


Who doesn’t love a good bread basket? The wait staff places one on our table right away with a little ball of soft butter and mini pitchers of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Soaking up the balsamic-oil mixture with some bread.

The bread is moist and soft, and I love anything to do with balsamic vinegar. Despite sitting with two friends, I clean half the basket up single-handedly. We almost ask for more, but stop ourselves because we don’t want to be too full and waste good pasta.

Our picks of the day.

The orders are served. It doesn’t take as long as I thought it would, despite it being almost a full house by the time we’re served.

Fettucine Alfredo.

Fettucine Alfredo with white wine, cream and butter sauce, parmesan.

This one, which my tablemate ordered, is not too bad. The fettucine is cooked perfectly, the sauce is nice and creamy. The only irk was that it’s not seasoned enough. Easily repairable with some more parmesan cheese!

Linguini de Mare.

Linguini de Mare with shrimp, sea scallops, calamari, mussels in a light olive oil pomodoro sauce.

This dish, ordered by my other tablemate, looks really fancy. I see the shrimp, the calamari, the mussels — not sure if I found any scallop, but it’s a nice combination with lots of seafood.

It’s slightly on the dry side for our taste, so perhaps we’ll ask for extra sauce the next time we order.

Gnocchi in Rose Sauce.

My order, the House Made Gnocchi in Rose Sauce.

It sounds real simple, I know. But sometimes, simple is the best.

I love that the gnocchi is drenched in sauce. I put some parmesan cheese and pepper on top and dig in!

Looking good!

The sauce is divine. I have a weak spot for rose sauces and this one is no exception. It’s just the right blend of creamy and tangy, well-seasoned and savoury. Despite having cleaned up most of the breadbasket, I grab another piece of bread to soak up the extra rose.

A moist bite.

Once I bite into a gnocchi, I find that it’s nice and chewy. One of my tablemates found it was tittering between well-cooked and very slightly overcooked, but it was perfect to my taste! The sauce really was everything. I highly recommend you try this, or any of the other dishes with the rose sauce!

A Salad (back) and Ravioli dish from last year.

This was a Ravioli dish I had at this restaurant last year. It’s not on the menu any more. I keep wanting to say goat, but believe it was ravioli with braised beef sauce. I don’t know why they took this off the menu because it was so good! Sad face. But plenty of other options to explore!

*Traveler’s Tip: There’s probably enough parking space in this plaza, but you can also feel free to take the Viva transit, which has a stop nearby.


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