[Cooking Diary] And so it begins…

my cooking

I’m going to say it—I’m no cook.

When a couple of my friends and I got together for a holiday dinner during high school (university?), we attempted to cook our own dinner.

We had pasta, salad, gingerbread houses…the whole spread. One person was boiling the pasta, another chopping vegetables for the sauce, another lining up the gingerbread for construction. Me?

I was in charge of buttering the garlic bread.

With pre-made garlic butter.

And pre-sliced baguettes.

That’s all my friends would trust me with. True story.

I began cooking in earnest two years ago (I’ve been on a hiatus for the last few months due to scheduling issues, sad face). Those are some of my creations above.

How did it all start? A family member was leaving the house for a couple of months for a work engagement. Since it became quieter around the house, I thought, “What better way to liven things up than to start cooking?” I am not kidding. That was my exact train of thought.

I began with pasta, warm udon noodles with a miso base, cheesy lasagna (2 lasagnas in fact—1 semi-failure, 1 glimmering success!), multiple chicken dishes, heaps of mashed potato (mildly funny story here to be shared later), lazy taco days (several), a spicy Asian stir-fry dish (that turned out a little too spicy for comfort), and so on and on and on.

So you see, that leads us here. And why have I spent the last 2 minutes of your time setting up all this?

Because these are not recipe-sharing, here-are-my-tips, follow-me-and-you-will-succeed type posts (more like, if-you-follow-me-there’s-a-good-chance-you-will-end-up-with-something-edible type posts).

This is a diary of my cooking adventures, in whatever degree of success or failure they turn out to be. I’m open to any advice, pointers, and genius tips all domestic chefs out there have to share!

So, what shall I post about first? 🙂


Next Post: Alfredo Chicken Fettucini.


If you haven’t already, come check out the Toronto restaurants I’ve been visiting on Instagram!


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