[Cooking Diary] And so it begins…

my cooking

I’m going to say it—I’m no cook.

When a couple of my friends and I got together for a holiday dinner during high school (university?), we attempted to cook our own dinner.

We had pasta, salad, gingerbread houses…the whole spread. One person was boiling the pasta, another chopping vegetables for the sauce, another lining up the gingerbread for construction. Me?

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[Dinner] Il Fornello

Il Fornello, Richmond Hill.

Il Fornello
8851 Yonge St.

If I had to pick a favourite food, it’d probably be some type of pasta dish.

I had the chance to satisfy my craving for good Italian cuisine when I visited this uptown restaurant with friends. Not to be confused with Il Fornaro midtown, this restaurant is a hidden hotspot for pasta lovers, including myself!

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