[Dinner] MeNami

The new face, MeNami.

5469 Yonge St.

My fellow food blogger friend Curiosity and I visited Menami, a relatively new addition to the slew of Asian restaurants along the Yonge and Finch area.

With a name that means little tide, MeNami specializes in Udon dishes.

Udon is a type of thick wheat flour noodle in Japanese cuisine, usually served hot in soup or tossed in sauce. It also happens to be a dish I make often for my family.

Udon can easily be found on the menu of Korean/Japanese eateries throughout the city, but this is the first local restaurant–that I know of–to specialize in just udon, so I’m more than a little excited.

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[Dinner] Kayagum


Kayagum, 24 Hour restaurant.

5460 Yonge St.

I don’t know about you, but I get cravings for cold food when the temperature climbs, and the warm sunny weather of late has been making me hungry again. Most people grab an ice cream cone or a cool drink, but for me, it’s naengmyeon – a Korean noodle dish with long, thin noodles, served in a cold broth or with a spicy sauce.

I visit Kayagum, a Korean food restaurant that’s open 24 hours (and serves naengmyeon year-round to my memory). My friend and I visit early on a weeknight before the crowds start rolling in, so it’s still pretty quiet.

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