[Dessert] Bake Code


I remember when cheesecake was a love-it-or-hate-it kind of dessert. Nowadays it’s become a more widely enjoyed confectionery.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Toronto bakery Bake Code for a media event introducing their new dessert cakes, their Honey and Matcha Lava Castella Cakes, which are available half-baked.


It occurred to me that this might be the next love-it-or-hate-it thing.

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[Summerlicious] Hapa Izakaya

Hapa Izakaya.

Hapa Izakaya
602 College St.

We`re in the full brunt of summer, and that means Summerlicious.

This year, Toronto’s premier prix fixe food event, Summerlicious, took place between July 8 to 24th at over 220 restaurants in the city. It’s a great chance to try out new quirky or high-end places. As all participating restaurants serve three-course meals at a fixed price, there’s no chance of being surprised with a huge bill at the end of the night!

On a rainy evening, my friends and I head downtown to Hapa Izakaya, a Japanese grill place that serves small plates and cocktails.

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[Dinner] Kayagum


Kayagum, 24 Hour restaurant.

5460 Yonge St.

I don’t know about you, but I get cravings for cold food when the temperature climbs, and the warm sunny weather of late has been making me hungry again. Most people grab an ice cream cone or a cool drink, but for me, it’s naengmyeon – a Korean noodle dish with long, thin noodles, served in a cold broth or with a spicy sauce.

I visit Kayagum, a Korean food restaurant that’s open 24 hours (and serves naengmyeon year-round to my memory). My friend and I visit early on a weeknight before the crowds start rolling in, so it’s still pretty quiet.

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[Winterlicious] Il Fornaro


Il Fornaro on Avenue Road.

Il Fornaro
1954 Avenue Rd.

I visited Il Fornaro midtown this past January for the first time. Here’s my take on the dining experience.

I book for 3 on a late Friday night for Winterlicious dinner and am surprised to find that it’s nice and quiet — I’m used to bigger crowds for Winterlicious. The fact that it was a very cold night and that the restaurant is in an area where those without a car would have to take the bus and/or walk a bit might have contributed to the thinner crowd.

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[Dinner] Spring Rolls


Spring Rolls
40 Dundas St W


My friend and I dropped in for a late dinner at Spring Rolls this weekend. We were starving after a 2 hour long visit to the Ripley’s Aquarium downtown. We could’ve eaten around the area, but were craving some Asian noodles, so we decided to take the short trip up to the Spring Rolls near Dundas station.

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